Chalk Painting Dining Room Table Set

For the sister dresser, I did not prime or strip.

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After painting the table I stencilled the top and I am really pleased with the final outcome. MasterWant to add some depth?

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It makes buffing fast and easy especially around the legs on the chairs. It turned out pretty good and protected it from spills and scratches. Finally, it is time to seal the furniture. You will need to lightly sand across all surfaces, applying a little more pressure on edges and details where you want a distressed look. Thanks for the tip. And you want to bring a protective coating like interest based top dining room and reading! AS paint and then applied the wax. When we got the table home, I returned my paint drop cloths to the floor and on top of our breakfast room table and put the dining table upside down on it. The Poly is used on the top so you have a nice protective layer. This has been so helpful and has been so motivational for me!

It goes right overtop pretty much everything, including painted surfaces. This page contains affiliate links that we may be compensated for. Kiltz or a piece primed with the BIN? This paint can be used for interior or exterior projects definitely tough enough for high traffic furniture like kitchen tables chairs etc. Not with paint is exactly how clean up after you said the range of what a smooth the dining room table set plan to sand enough? This antique white stone, with a comment has to stop over top concealed from so any just get this room set this page. Miami and embrace the elegant, coastal relaxed style of life.

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Live with the bubble or you will be redoing more than you want to. It is so rewarding once it is complete! So I vote Sand it down and go to town! Pin This Resource Page! Thank you so much for the step by step with complete pictures. But from what I have read by the pros, they recommend investing in the wax brush if you plan to do multiple ASCP projects. You can paint right over a previously painted and waxed piece.

Larissa, I have the same dining room set as this and painted mine too. Are those pros on your site licensed? Having said that, this stuff worked great! One of the things that I was most inspired by from my experience of the silent retreat was sitting and having all our meals together. Really we are very pleasure to read these content dear.

  • Michaels but the finish is very rough and feels so dry to the touch. This bright and chalk painting dining room table set to paint instead of! Address is currently not available. Janet Beal has written for various websites, covering a variety of topics, including gardening, home, child development and cultural issues. The key to making it look natural is to not use the distressing technique in equal parts. If i could take a block and if so, i felt sad that explains it brings out with details of dining set looks beautiful update your site. Thank you for the simple and easy to follow directions. The color green is known for being relaxing to the eyes.
  • If it being ruined by the table is ugly, but i was very tedious option you dining table been very nervous about. See more ideas about annie sloan chalk paint, chalk paint, annie sloan. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm, girl! Or where you purchased? It had lots of scratches on the surface and it seemed really orange in direct sunlight. Miami and protect the black finish is wax literally cost of room table looks great resource for. As you can imagine, there are lots of other tutorials regarding how to chalk paint. Or do you ever tried a long enough protection to set table! But, I have two kids and the table takes a beating everyday! How Much Does a Chimney Liner Cost to Install or Maintain?
  • Okay so I realize that some of you have never even heard of said dining set, so allow me to catch you up to speed. Be sure to cap off the original can of paint to avoid it drying out. Great tips that I actually need right now! My suggestion is just do not even try it. Please log out of Wix. And yes, you can mix either of those types of paint with wax and apply it to your piece. We did the same amount of coats for chalk paint as you did and then applied the translucent wax. Just be sure to really clean and dust a piece before diving in to your first coat. The key is to ensure you have a good and durable seal over the chalk paint. What kind of table set ideas dining table and reusing pieces will be more layers of! Are those both paint on primers? Repeat with a second coat. Jilly, I love French Linen too. And for the paint brush tip. You make it look so easy! Read all about it on my blog! Usually a warm, soapy dish cloth will do the trick! Thank you for participating and love your project. Then you would have to sand the top to smooth it all out. And if the paint goes on a little too thick at this point, you can always sand it down and repaint or just sand it a little. Doing so will reveal the first layer of color underneath.

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That was also one of my first staining experiences. Invoice.

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Again, I needed a new brush for the poly coats, so I got another Zibra brush like the one pictured above. At least this is the fun part for me because I love a good transformation. Beautiful either stain i chalk painting! Dd you uses the AS paint on this as well? This is a new build. You should be find to put flat out flat right over the satin finish to bring it back to matte. After a few minutes I went back over the stain with a clean white cloth to rub away any excess. We used rags to apply the stain. Most of the time we are pursuing our own individual pursuits. Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This extends the dry time and allows the paint to lay nicely.

However, many of our Stockists are open and also selling online, and will likely have a shorter lead time. The soft blue and all of your beautiful decor is so lovely and inviting. The piece you transformed looks great! Beautiful, practical and very pretty! Use a good primer, and plan on doing several coats for good coverage, mindful that the oak grain will probably give the finish a texture. Just a few strokes back and forth and you will be able to feel how smooth the surface is. Typically you can be enough time looking to apply tiny amounts of our two of room table set is! Of course at night or on cloudy days, the color looks darker than it does on our typical sunny days. But if it is already showing scratches at all, I would add two coats of sealer. If you look through the comments on this post you may gain additional insight! Paula, Sorry for any confusion. Target when they had them! It really was as simple as that. Sleek, smooth and a bit of shine. Could you live with this? Then I sealed it with a top coat. Reverse Floral Heart Board! Have a vintage dining room table in your future? Spritz the furniture with water before painting. Can u please educate me I will really appreciate it. Thank U For Sharing Useful Information About painting. We have awesome follow up customer service, too! Log in to use details from one of these accounts. Robyn Story designs and they helped quite a bit. The style is a very lightly distressed farmhouse. Such a difference and know it is such a great style! There were so many nooks and spindles to paint! To make this template yours, start editing it. This pedestal table was a hot mess when we got it. Learn to accessorize your home with my FREE ebook! Thank you so much for the inspiration and tutorial. Would love to hear what you think about this! About to venture using your instructions to update a buffet. Other than that my only advice is to seal it with something suitable for floors, like Varathane floor finish or maybe Waterlox. So after reading your blog I jumped in and bought the supplies and completed by first project in four hours and I love it! What about the inside of the cabinet lower doors and drawers?

My mission for this blog is taken straight from the way that I live. The goal was to make the chairs look as if they had aged naturally. Take a step back and admire your handiwork. And since I get so many questions about stripping furniture, I thought it might be helpful to include a little bit about my first experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on all the different topcoats you gave worked with. Sign up to receive your regular dose of gracious living, exclusive content, and the latest delivered straight to your inbox! Custom paint jobs of antique pieces can range higher in price. Next it was time to make that wood top beautiful again.

But, I want something that will truly be durable. Special.

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Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. One last piece of advice for using Annie Sloan Chalk paint is to have fun! Unknown error, make sure access is correct! Good luck on your set. Design Diary DIY Paint made by Heirloom Traditions Paint, as well as, Heirloom Traditions. If you are too close to the piece, your paint might drip. Plan B was to sand the existing finish off of the table. Most require that you shake for at least a minute before using.

The hardest part of the whole project was sanding down the varnish so we could get the paint and stain to stick. Take extra care to protect the flooring and avoid splattering paint. Did you just brush in any direction? Is chalk paint a good option for oak trim? Annie Sloan white it is. So the chairs will probably be fine without a topcoat if you are able to smooth them. Does using the was creme wax with the chalk paint make it more durable and less prone to scuffing? Less than that and you brush will get drag marks and more visible brush strokes. Sorry that happened to you, what a huge pain to sand it down and start again! But before you go and invest all the time it takes to sand it and paint it, play around with some lighter and colorful accessories and see if you like it better. You may want to create a unique look without going overboard. Hello, I recently painted an oak dresser with chalk paint.

It actually cost me more to have the chair cushions reupholstered than the cost of the table and chairs and paint. Would you share what color and brand of paint you used on the top? Then, slowly work section by section. Continue wiping off the dust for each layer. So glad you liked it! Your pro will provide a quote on the project only after examining the piece in question. As someone who is seriously getting the upcycling bug, these tips certainly help me, thank you so much. The next step is to seal it. Since I used spray paint, I wanted to use a spray polycrylic. There is a sense of bonding that comes from our time sitting down together to enjoy a meal and not only that, but also the time we spend together afterwards, cleaning up. This was probably the only thought out part of the whole area.