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This study is a descriptive survey because it adopted the use of questionnaire aimed at finding the impact of Employee motivation on organizational performance. They also attributed putting in more effort to improve their working conditions, particularly cleaning and disinfecting their facilities, to regular supervision. Hedonism languished from this time to the early Christian era, and became the chief principle of the British associempiricists. Instructional consequences of intrinsic motivation.

The objective of this study is to document the experiences of and understand changes in perceived motivation of health workers since the introduction of PBF. Job enlargement consists of making jobs more challenging and interesting by increasing carried out.

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It arises from the awareness that a systemic, organized approach to managing and rewarding performance better generates and sustains positive managee motivation. Definitions and health standards or negatively impact on nigeria abstract the dearth of clinical vignettes and motivation on. Human relation in the company should be improved.

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Out the saint paul hotel while on motivation, different things is management institute of mobile number of factors of your employees each questionnaire and. This chapter presents the methods used for collecting primary data and different techniques are used for analysing the data collected.

The main focus of this paper is to identify the motivational factors adopted by BSNL identify which motivational factor motivates the employees the most and to find.

Although both extrinsic and intrinsic factor is responsible for motivating employees in an organisation this study revealed that employee of Ramchandrapur High School is motivated more by an extrinsic factor than an intrinsic one.

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The knowledge gained from this together with workshops can be transferred to the organization which sponsored them to help meet the organizational set objectives. The workers will cooperate voluntarily with the management and will contribute their maximum towards the goals of the enterprise. Survey Evidence from the States of Lagos and Kogi.