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IP policies sold as a result of a referral during a credit sale were effectively sales of PPI at the point of saleand by inference that shortterm IP policies sold at the credit point of sale were also PPI sales.

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Is it worth getting mortgage protection insurance? It can be difficult to recall your past lenders. Mortgage protection insurance can save a house - and more. When you need crummy car is you would a speckless destine. This remains our view in relation to other PPI markets. How will you be compensated?

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Find out more about moving house in our guide. Did not ensure appropriate training and monitoring. The content on this page provides general consumer information. Do you think the Stamp Duty holiday deadline should be extended? Tap where to do these letters and one tile can look like. PPI misselling s not unique to pointcreditsale transactions. The statutory interest from PPI payouts counts within your personal savings allowance. Please leave this field empty.