Direction Of Magnetic Field

To use the right hand grip rule in a solenoid problem, point your fingers in the direction of the conventional current and wrap your fingers as if they were around the solenoid.

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This seems clumsy and pedantic. And that is into the page. Electric and Magnetic forces. In this lesson, your students will learn how to buy items and use money to purchase items in the real world. Magnetization field lines, therefore, begin near the magnetic south pole and ends near the magnetic north pole. If the interior of the magnet could be probed, the field lines would be found to form continuous closed loops. Maximum positive or negative readings are obtained when the fields are in line with the length of the probe. An electron would move in the opposite direction.

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Observe the iron filings. South pole to north pole. In this stage, the electron emits intense radiation tangential to its path, known as synchrotron radiation. Explanation: Magnetic field lines originate at the north pole and terminate at the south pole of the magnet. You will examine magnetic field lines and forces qualitatively, and measure field strengths using a Hall probe. This field direction of magnetic force in our thumb.

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Use the Right Hand Rule to draw in the directions of the magnetic fields for the following conductors with the currents flowing in the directions shown by the arrows.

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