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If you want to complete your treatment as quickly as possible and are intrigued by innovative technologies and lifetime warranties, byte could be a fantastic option for you.

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Most people feel pain in their teeth at some point, but how many are able to accurately diagnose whether the cause is decay, or something else?

He now has gum recession on some teeth.

  • Olivia was so excited to get her braces on!
  • The clearer is a whitener which is awesome and definitely an added benefit!
  • If you are an Invisalign or clear aligner candidate, a trained assistant will scan your teeth for the trays.

Your customized clear aligners will be made at an advanced and reputable lab and will be of the highest quality.

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This program is designed to automatically send you replacement retainers every six months for five years. Then, carefully bite down on the prepared tray and the putty will surround your teeth, creating the mold.

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  • With Invisalign, we have you come into our office periodically during the course of your treatment to evaluate how your teeth are moving.

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